Explore Linkedin's Premium Business subscription: Overview and 2024 pricing

Explore Linkedin's Premium Business Subscription: Overview and 2024 Pricing

Expand your business with Linkedin Premium Business: Networking and Professional excellence

Linkedin Premium Business is a subscription tailored for professionals and businesses aiming to expand their network, access advanced profile insights, and optimize their online visibility.

Introduction to Linkedin Premium Business

Linkedin Premium Business is a paid service provided by Linkedin that offers advanced features to users looking to fully harness the potential of the social network in a professional context. Tailored for freelancers and companies, Linkedin Premium Business offers functionalities unavailable in the free version of Linkedin.

One of the primary benefits of Linkedin Premium Business is the enhanced access to profiles of other users. This grants you the ability to delve into comprehensive profile details of members, even those outside your immediate connections. Such access proves beneficial for prospecting, networking, and identifying candidates for job openings.

Furthermore, this premium version provides the capability to send Inmail messages, allowing you to communicate with members beyond your existing connections. This stands as a significant advantage for expanding your professional network.

Another notable advantage is the access to in-depth information about potential candidates and companies. Users of Linkedin Premium Business can view statistics on profile viewers, a valuable tool for identifying collaboration and networking opportunities. Additionally, subscribers can access details about companies, such as job vacancies, locations, company size, and growth.

Linkedin Premium Business also includes a feature called "Learning", which offers complimentary access to online courses, enabling subscribers to enhance their skill set and professional knowledge through a diverse library of courses.

Moreover, subscribers to this service benefit from priority placement in search results, ensuring their profile gains enhanced visibility when users conduct searches related to their skills or industry.

Pricing and features of Linkedin Premium Business

Linkedin Premium Business pricing

  • Free one-month trial
  • €44.62/month annual subscription (€247.90 savings compared to monthly)
  • €69.41/month monthly subscription
Linkedin Premium Business Pricing

Linkedin Premium Business features

  • Elevated visibility: Your profile becomes prominent in search results, captivating a wider and intrigued audience.
  • Thorough profile exploration: You gain the chance to thoroughly delve into user profiles, extending to those beyond your primary connections, streamlining the growth of your professional network.
  • InMail messaging: Dispatch InMail messages (15 per month) to individuals beyond your network, simplifying the establishment of fresh professional connections.
  • Expanded access to detailed information: Obtain comprehensive insights about companies, job opportunities, and profile-specific statistics, delivering precise perspectives.
  • Integrated online learning: Reap the benefits of accessing online courses via Linkedin Learning, contributing to your professional advancement.
  • Enhanced search filters: Harness advanced search filters to swiftly spot pertinent contacts.
  • In-Depth profile analysis: Examine statistics concerning how fellow users have uncovered your profile.
  • Distinctive Premium badge: Your profile proudly showcases a Premium badge, affirming your subscription to this exclusive offer.
  • Profile visit visibility: Identify users who have perused your profile, offering indicators of interest.
  • Activity notifications: Receive notifications for user interactions with your profile, augmenting its value for professional tracking.