Kanbox: Optimizing LinkedIn Prospecting for Sales Professionals

Kanbox CRM Pipelines (Kanban)
Kanbox CRM Pipelines (Kanban) with leads in different stages of a sales workflow

LinkedIn Prospecting with Kanbox

As a sales professional, you're constantly faced with the task of prospecting for new clients, following up on leads, and managing your relationships. These tasks can be time-consuming and challenging to manage efficiently.

Kanbox's Perspective on Sales Professionals, Entrepreneurs, or Those in SMEs and Startups

  • LinkedIn and LinkedIn Sales Navigator are essential tools for prospecting and sales automation, but they're far from user-friendly when it comes to mass campaign processing or smooth, organized communication with contacts.

  • One of the most challenging issues for salespeople is the transition from LinkedIn Sales Navigator's contact lists to outreach tools, then to the CRM. It's crucial to avoid redundant actions, but most outreach tools don't support seamless handling of leads between the messaging phase and the appointment-setting phase, which is what matters to sales professionals.

  • Additionally, as a salesperson, you want to diversify your contact methods, not relying solely on outreach campaigns, but also on nurturing warm clients and managing your existing network.

LinkedIn Prospecting with Kanbox

Kanbox's Solution for Sales

Kanbox is a comprehensive LinkedIn management and sales automation tool that allows you to manage your prospects, run automated lead generation campaigns, and handle your inbox, all from a single platform.

The key advantage that Kanbox offers over ALL other available tools is its ability to incorporate a pre-lead CRM into your outreach tool. This means there's no need to duplicate actions between outreach and CRM. You can complete everything in the pre-meeting phase within Kanbox, only migrating really hot leads to your CRM at the end of the process—and only if you have a global CRM. Integration between Kanbox and other tools like Zapier and Hubspot is coming soon ;)

If you work independently or don't need to manage ongoing relationships in a separate CRM, Kanbox can be sufficient on its own. You can go from zero to deal entirely within the platform.

The Big Bonus: Kanbox also allows you to manage your LinkedIn network and maintain a pipeline of warm prospects to nurture, or existing network contacts that you'd like to activate using the Kanban-style format offered by the CRM. Additionally, you can organize all your leads with custom tags, allowing you to categorize them with whatever level of granularity suits you, as it's completely customizable.

Kanbox CRM Pipelines (Kanban)
Kanbox CRM Pipelines (Kanban) with leads in different stages of a sales workflow

How to Use Kanbox for Prospecting?

With Kanbox, the most comprehensive plan for Sales is the Fusion plan. You start by connecting your LinkedIn account to your Kanbox messaging in one click, then scrape Sales Navigator using the Scrape functionality. Don't forget to enrich your data if you also plan to send email campaigns!

Kanbox Lead Manager
Scraped LinkedIn members filtered in the Kanbox Lead Manager

Next, you can send automated connection requests and personalized InMails. This allows you to reach a larger number of prospects without spending hours manually sending messages.

Kanbox automations
Kanbox Automations : Send Message sequence configuration

In addition, Kanbox helps you manage your prospects as well as your entire network efficiently. You can add tags and notes to your prospects, create tasks and reminders, and get an overview of your network by organizing it into different groups, which you can contact easily.

Kanbox Smart Inbox
Kanbox Smart Inbox with Labels

You can filter your contacts by tags and perform bulk actions to warm up a target group, or even prepare pre-written and personalized messages to reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks.

Kanbox Full-Screen Chat
Kanbox Full-Screen Chat

Results That Every Salesperson Will Achieve

By using Kanbox, you can increase your sales efficiency, improve your lead management, and optimize your prospecting time.

Sales teams that have implemented Kanbox have reduced their lead management time on CRM by an average of 30% due to the simplicity of the Kanbox CRM. This has led to increased salespeople satisfaction while reducing friction and tedious tasks.

Using Kanbox has significantly improved team results in lead management and response speed, thanks to the inbox feature, leading to a 25% increase in conversion rates. As we know, response time is crucial in campaigns like these, and an ergonomic tool designed for sales professionals drastically reduces response time.

Finally, Kanbox has helped several teams set up nurturing processes for all warm leads or even former contacts, thanks to the integrated CRM and personalized messages. The tool has truly opened new opportunities and allowed teams using these processes to increase final signing rates by not abandoning leads with immature needs.

Testimonial from a Kanbox Sales User

I use Kanbox as my powerful CRM hub linked to LinkedIn and Sales Navigator. I've tried a lot of paid LinkedIn tools over the years, and so far, Kanbox is the best. The inclusion of a Kanban-style pipeline while managing the post-"message sending" process more smoothly has changed my life. Before, I used to scrape, then run campaigns via flows, and then manually respond in my LinkedIn to each person who replied to one of my prospecting messages. It was tedious. Now, I also handle the messaging part in this Kanbox CRM hub, and for all the prospects who tell me 'Not interested' or 'Later,' I use a personalized response template and manage them at different pipeline levels. It helps streamline and simplify the follow-up and relationship management process.