In-app Lead Manager: Accurate and Strategic

Say goodbye to the tedious task of managing CSV files! With Kanbox's Lead Manager and its advanced filters, concentrate solely on the most pertinent prospects, saving you significant time and effort.

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Refilter all exported lists

Lead refinement in Kanbox is enhanced with advanced filters for precise evaluation and organization. Utilize accurate filters like duplicates, email status, account status, and more to create tailored custom lists.

Refilter Exported Lists of Leads
Kanbox Irrelevant Leads Detection

Detect Sales Navigator errors

Kanbox assists you in detecting and identifying irrelevant leads, empowering you to take proactive measures to refine your lists accordingly.

Streamlined lead management

Arrange your prospects into personalized lists for easier management, saying goodbye to hours of Excel file manipulation and reorganization, while ensuring accurate organization and maximizing conversion opportunities.

Manage List of Leads with Flexible Options