Kanbox vs. Evaboot

Kanbox vs. Evaboot


In the dynamic landscape of lead generation platforms, Kanbox and Evaboot emerge as prominent solutions, each offering unique features tailored to user needs. This detailed comparison aims to provide users with a nuanced understanding of the key differences, advantages, and distinctive capabilities that set these platforms apart.

Key Differences

Kanbox: A True Lead Gen Work Platform

Kanbox establishes itself as a robust lead generation platform, offering a comprehensive suite of features. It seamlessly integrates lead scraping, email discovery, list refinement, and the provision of links to cleaned CSV files. Unlike Evaboot, which primarily provides a link to CSV files, Kanbox empowers users with advanced tools and functionalities, making it a genuine lead generation work platform.

Evaboot: A Limited Offering

Evaboot, while competent in providing links to cleaned CSV files, lacks the depth and versatility of Kanbox. It does not extend beyond the basics of lead scraping and email discovery, making it a more straightforward tool with fewer capabilities compared to Kanbox.

Elevating Linkedin Scraper to Unparalleled Precision

Kanbox goes beyond conventional scraping and email discovery. It introduces advanced filters that allow users to refine their lists post-scraping. This refinement process includes the removal of unwanted users and the ability to segment lists based on various criteria. These filters cover various criteria such as job title, skills, location, and company details, offering users unparalleled control over their lead data.

Avoiding Duplicates and Team Collaboration

A standout feature of Kanbox is its capability to prevent duplicate leads across different lists. This ensures data integrity and simplifies collaboration within team settings. With Evaboot, the absence of such duplicate-checking functionality could potentially lead to data redundancy and inefficiencies in team collaboration.

Unlimited Scrape for a Cost-Effective Solution

Kanbox offers users unlimited exports at a more economical price point than Evaboot. The pricing model of Kanbox ensures that users are only charged when a valid email is found, providing a more cost-effective solution. Moreover, Kanbox offers unlimited exports at 40Eur/month, presenting a substantial advantage over Evaboot's pricing structure, which charges $49 for just 5000 exports per month.

Additional Strengths of Kanbox

In addition to the highlighted differences Kanbox provides several other notable strengths:

  • Direct Communication and Label Organization: Kanbox enables direct communication with leads, bulk invitations, and messaging, enhancing user engagement. The use of labels allows for efficient organization and categorization of the network.
  • Utilization of CRM Pipelines: In addition to exporting and discovering emails, users can seamlessly incorporate their lists into Kanbox CRM Pipelines. This functionality streamlines direct outreach through LinkedIn, providing a unified platform for lead management.


Export Sales Navigator Search
Export Linkedin Search
Export Linkedin profile
Export List of Linkedin profil Urls
Export contributors of Linkedin Post
Export attendees of Linkedin events
Avoid duplicates
Avoid duplicates in exports from all team members
Check if a user scraped from a Sales Navigator search matches the search filters
Data cleaning : clean user and company names
Refine scraped lists with advanced filters
Email finder
Email verifier
Only pay for valid email
Linkedin Outreach CRM
Smart Linkedin Inbox
Bulk Invites / Messages
Templates Messages


Monthly Export Credits

Monthy Exports Quotas
  • 40€ for UNLIMITED Exports
  • 29$ for 2,000 exports
  • 49$ for 5,000 exports
  • 99$ for 10,000 exports
  • Unused Credits are lost

Monthly Email Credits

1 Email Found = 1 Email Credit
1 Email Search = 1 Email Credit
Unused Credits are carried over to the following month
Unused Credits are lost
  • 10€ for 1,000 Email Credits
  • 15€ for 2,000 Email Credits
  • 30€ for 5,000 Email Credits
  • 50€ for 10,000 Email Credits
  • 49$ for 2,000 exports and 2,000 Email Credits
  • 99$ for 5,000 exports and 5,000 Email Credits
  • 199$ for 10,000 exports and 10,000 Email Credits


The decision to switch from Evaboot to Kanbox is underpinned by numerous advantages that Kanbox brings to the table. Beyond being a more affordable option, Kanbox's advanced filters, avoidance of duplicates, and team collaboration features streamline the lead generation process. With unparalleled control over lead data and a commitment to delivering unlimited exports at a budget-friendly rate, Kanbox emerges as a versatile and powerful tool for businesses aiming to optimize their lead generation strategies.