Kanbox vs. Dripify

Kanbox vs. Dripify

Let's compare Dripify and Kanbox

Dripify is a marketing automation platform that allows users to create, schedule, and execute automated LinkedIn campaigns.

Dripify operates solely in the cloud; the platform does not use a LinkedIn extension. Its key features are:

  • Retrieve leads from a Sales Navigator/LinkedIn search
  • Create LinkedIn campaigns (profile visits, following a member, connection requests, message sending)
  • An integrated inbox allows you to view and manage LinkedIn messages
  • A dashboard provides statistics on campaign performance and team metrics

The positive aspects of Dripify

  • Its team dashboard, which provides an overview of the performance statistics of each team member.
Dripify team dashboard
Dripify team dashboard
  • Its campaign creation tool, which is flexible and easy to use.
Dripify Campaigns
Dripify Campaigns

Things we like less about Dripify

  • Dripify works only in the cloud, and its LinkedIn authentication system is sometimes faulty. On several accounts, we couldn't connect Dripify to LinkedIn, making the tool unusable.
Inability to use Dripify
Inability to use Dripify
  • The lead management tool is very limited. It allows importing only from a Sales Navigator or LinkedIn search and doesn't allow re-filtering the list afterward, which is constraining considering that around 20% of Sales Navigator search results do not match the initial search criteria.
  • The Smart Inbox doesn't do much! It's just an external LinkedIn messaging system that doesn't add any value: no classification system, limited bulk actions...
Inability to use Dripify
Inability to use Dripify

Dripify vs. Kanbox Comparison, Point by Point

Lead Management

With Dripify, the lead management system is quite limited. You need to provide the URL of a LinkedIn or Sales Navigator search when creating a campaign, and that's it. The system will pull leads from this search as the campaign progresses: whether the lead is already in your contacts or does not meet your search criteria, it doesn't matter; you have no control.

Kanbox Lead Manager
Kanbox Lead Manager

Kanbox offers a much more advanced and efficient lead management system. With Kanbox, you can prepare your lists ahead of your campaigns. You can import more varied lists compared to Dripify: not only LinkedIn and Sales Navigator searches, but also lists of contributors to a publication or participants at a LinkedIn event.

Once you have retrieved your lists, you have access to advanced filters to clean these lists:

  • Match / Not Match
  • Already in my Network / Not in my network / team network
  • Email: Is Provided / Is not provided
  • Phone number: Is provided / Is not provided
  • Is Open Profile / Is not Open Profile
  • Is Open to Work / Is not Open to Work
  • Is Premium / Is not Premium
  • Job title: Contains / Not contains
  • Number of connection: More than / Less Than
  • Skills: Contains / Not contains
  • Years in Job: More than / Less Than
  • Years in Company: More than / Less Than
  • Headline: Contains / Not contains
  • Location: Contains / Not contains
  • Company name: Contains / Not contains
  • Company employees count: More than / Less Than
  • Company founded since: More than / Less Than

You can thus refine your lists and segment them to share within your team.

The Smart Inbox

Dripify's messaging system has very little to offer. It brings almost nothing more than LinkedIn's messaging. It is supposed to allow you to stay within the tool to reply to messages, but it doesn't really improve efficiency.

Kanbox likely has the most efficient messaging system among all automation tools. This messaging system is designed to streamline message management. It's much more than a simple messaging tool; it enables you to organize your work with features like labels for sorting messages and bulk action tools to handle messages. It's also fully integrated into the tool. You can open a conversation with a member and interact with them directly from the campaign progress boards (the pipelines).

Kanbox Smart Inbox
Kanbox Smart Inbox
Kanbox Fullscreen Chat
Kanbox Fullscreen Chat

Campaign Monitoring and the Use of Pipelines

Most automation tools, including Dripify, are like black boxes: you create a campaign, launch it, and then wait for responses without really knowing what's happening behind the scenes.

Kanbox Automations
Kanbox Automations
Kanbox CRM Pipelines
Kanbox CRM Pipelines

Kanbox takes a completely different approach. What could be better than a Kanban board for tracking workflow progress? Each Kanbox campaign is linked to a pipeline where each column represents a campaign step, and each card on the board represents a campaign member. This gives a complete view of the campaign's progress at a glance. You can see directly in the "Replied" column the list of members who have responded to a campaign message, indicating that manual intervention is needed to continue interactions. Even better, you can extend the workflow by defining your own steps to keep the process moving. If you want to add a phone call step or a meeting request after a message, just add a column and move members from one column to the next manually.

With Kanbox, it’s totally different. We’ve chosen to combine automations and Sales pipelines (Kanban boards) natively integrated with LinkedIn. All your outreach workflow is visual. And, at a glance, you get a crystal clear view of what’s going on. In one of the columns of your pipeline, you know who has answered your cold messages, you get a clear TODO list of your actions, really easy and convenient to follow up!

Comprehensive Analysis of Dripify and Kanbox

Export Sales Navigator Search
Export Linkedin Search
Export Linkedin profile
Export List of Linkedin profil Urls
Export contributors of Linkedin Post
Export attendees of Linkedin events
Export members of Linkedin groups
Avoid duplicates
Check if a user scraped from a Sales Navigator search matches the search filters
Data cleaning : clean user and company names
Refine scraped lists with advanced filters
Email finder
Email verifier

CRM Pipline

Dripify does not provide CRM Pipelines to track and facilitate action-taking during and after a prospecting campaign.

KanboxWaalaxy Pricing
Natively integrated LinkedIn CRM Pipelines
Automated CRM Pipelines
Columns bulk actions
Sales Pipeline templates
Recuiters Pipeline templates

Inbox & Chat

KanboxWaalaxy Pricing
Templates Messages and custom variables
Scheduled messagesMay 2024
Bulk actions (invite, message, archive)
Organize conversations
Organize connections
Add notes to a user
Full-screen Chat
UXGmail like, full screen, very efficientLess ergonomic tabular interface


Kanbox pricingWaalaxy Pricing
Automated sequences - visit profiles
Automated sequences - Send invitations
Automated sequences - Send messages and follow-up
Automated sequences - Follow user
CRM Pipelines
Automated sequences - AB test messagesMay 2024
Automated CRM Pipelines
Campaigns analytics
Team Campaigns analytics
Email outreach


Automations and Inbox50 Eur. / month56 Eur. / month
Team managementFully included76 Eur. / month
Lead ManagerFully included
CRM PipelineFully included
Email Credits15 Eur. / 1000 credits
Live chat support (with humans)IncludedIncluded

Conclusion: Why Choose Kanbox as an Alternative to Dripify?

Dripify and Kanbox both cater to professionals and freelancers, small teams, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and SMEs looking to automate simple tasks on LinkedIn, such as lead generation, follow-ups, and message sending. While Dripify is known for its simplicity, Kanbox stands out for its great ease of use while offering advanced and highly practical features. Its intuitive interface and rapid learning curve enable users to get started quickly, even with functionalities like Kanban boards (CRM Pipelines), which allow for visual organization of their acquisition campaigns.

Why you should make the switch from Dripify to Kanbox?

Here are some additional reasons clients have given for choosing Kanbox over Dripify:

More Affordable

Kanbox subscriptions are less expensive, and the team management feature is included in the subscription! This means your costs are reduced even further when you work as a team.

Much More convenient to prepare your lists of leads

Importing leads, browning your lists, refining your searches, segmenting your lists between teammates, you can do all that within Kanbox. With Dripify, you cannot.

Follow the progress of your campaign at a glance!

Do you want to know what's happening while your campaign is running? Do you want a clear view of what needs your attention or which messages require a response? With Kanbox and its Kanban pipelines, you can keep track of everything effortlessly and manage your campaigns with ease.