Explore Linkedin's Premium Career subscription: overview and 2024 pricing

Explore Linkedin's Premium Career Subscription: Overview and 2024 Pricing

Elevate your Career with Linkedin Premium Career: Visibility and professional opportunities

Linkedin Premium Career is a subscription designed for job seekers looking to elevate their profile and professional journey. It empowers the enhancement of visibility on the platform and grants access to enriched data.

Introduction to Linkedin Premium Career

Linkedin Premium Career offers advanced functionalities for users aspiring to fully leverage the social network within their professional domain. This subscription enhances the free version of Linkedin with potent features.

A standout advantage of Premium Career lies in its capacity to provide in-depth information about recruiting companies, encompassing available positions, locations, company size, and growth. Subscribers to Linkedin Premium Career also gain the ability to scrutinize statistics and insights related to those who have viewed their profile, a valuable dataset for assessing profile resonance with companies, recruiters, and fellow candidates.

Another distinctive feature of Linkedin Premium Career is the option for complete profile exploration of fellow members. This capability ensures unrestricted access to comprehensive profile details even for individuals outside your immediate network. This dimension proves invaluable for prospecting and networking endeavors.

Furthermore, this premium version offers the capability to send Inmail messages, facilitating interactions with users beyond your direct connections. This presents a significant advantage for directly engaging with recruiters and expressing your candidacy without the prerequisite of a prior connection.

As an additional benefit, this subscription grants complimentary access to Linkedin Learning, an educational platform offering online courses. This resource provides a range of valuable content, including videos aimed at aiding candidates in enhancing their public profile, CV, job applications, and more.

Lastly, subscribers to this plan enjoy priority placement in search results, augmenting the visibility of their profile during searches pertaining to their area of expertise. In essence, Linkedin Premium Career offers a comprehensive set of tools and advantages for job seekers keen on optimizing and enhancing their profile and presence on this social network. It empowers them to expand their network and explore fresh professional opportunities.

Pricing and features of Linkedin Premium Career

Linkedin Premium Career pricing

  • Free one-month trial
  • €19.82/month annual subscription (€198.30 savings compared to monthly)
  • €39.66/month monthly subscription
Linkedin Premium Career Pricing

Linkedin Premium Career features

  • Tailored inmail messaging: Send up to 5 targeted Inmail messages per month to recruiters and professionals who interest you, regardless of whether you're connected.
  • Amplified profile visibility: Elevate your presence in search results, increasing the likelihood of capturing the attention of recruiters and potential employers.
  • Profile optimization suggestions: Receive recommendations and tips to fine-tune your profile and engage recruiter interest.
  • Profile visit alerts: Get notified when recruiters and experts visit your profile.
  • Followers insight: Gain visibility into those who follow you and express interest in your profile, providing a valuable gauge of your influence.
  • Company intel: Access information about companies in the hiring phase and available positions.
  • Premium career badge: Your profile proudly showcases a Premium Career badge, underscoring your commitment to job hunting.
  • Online skill development: Harness online courses via Linkedin Learning to enhance your competencies and profile.
  • Profile view insights: Visualize the companies and professionals that have explored your profile.
  • Engagement updates: Stay abreast of user interactions with your profile, a valuable resource for professional monitoring.