Top 15 LinkedIn Influencers: Get Inspired by the Best!

Top 15 LinkedIn Influencers: Get Inspired by the Best!

LinkedIn is much more than just a professional network. It's a platform where ideas come to life, careers are shaped, and professional relationships transform into fruitful collaborations.

For those aspiring to become LinkedIn influencers, drawing inspiration from the best is an essential step. Here’s an in-depth dive into the world of French LinkedIn influencers, with detailed strategies to understand how they captivate and engage their audience.

This article is a follow-up to our first article on how to become a LinkedIn influencer, which we encourage you to read to strengthen your presence by learning from the best practices and profiles of those who have succeeded.

1. Mathieu Bernard

Mathieu Bernard

Strategy: Mathieu is a personal branding specialist for CEOs. He has become a content leader in social selling and personal branding and ghostwrites for his clients. Feel free to learn more about social selling.

He writes about inspiring topics on LinkedIn and LinkedIn influencers.

Inspiration: Be inspired by the diversity of his content and support, as well as his strategy to highlight other top influencers who will boost his content afterward.

Example of a post by Mathieu Bernard

2. Isabelle Rouhan

Isabelle Rouhan

Strategy: Isabelle Rouhan, a specialist in the future of work, is an essential voice on LinkedIn. She publishes articles and videos on new professional trends, digital transformation, and skills evolution. Isabelle uses market studies and detailed reports to support her arguments, offering an informed and visionary perspective on the future of work. Her posts are regularly accompanied by testimonials and expert interviews, adding a human dimension to her analyses.

Inspiration: Be inspired by her thank-you posts and her call to her network as actors in her posts. She also offers deep and sourced reflections, providing high-quality information worth emulating.

3. Philippe Silberzahn

Philippe Silberzahn

Strategy: As a professor of entrepreneurship, Philippe Silberzahn shares in-depth knowledge on innovation, management, and business strategy. His articles are often detailed analyses of real cases, allowing his readers to draw concrete lessons. Philippe engages his audience with open-ended questions and calls to action, encouraging professionals to think and share their own experiences.

Inspiration: Be inspired by his expert-level content and his referral to more qualitative and detailed content, contrary to current LinkedIn codes, but which works thanks to the quality of his content.

Example of a post by Philippe Silberzahn

4. Thibault Louis

Thibault Louis

Strategy: Thibault Louis needs no introduction... He posts very frequently on entrepreneurial topics. As a trainer himself, he helps solopreneurs stand out and diversifies his activity with a community and a podcast. Today, Thibault Louis mainly posts inspiring and educational content on the entrepreneurial world. Thibault is the perfect example of good segmentation.

Inspiration: Be inspired by his posting frequency, but also his mastery of LinkedIn codes and content frameworks that work best.

Example of a post by Thibault Louis

5. Céline Mas

Céline Mas

Strategy: Céline Mas, a communication expert and president of UN Women France, shares inspiring articles on gender equality, leadership, and responsible communication. Her posts are often enriched with statistical data and academic research, which enhances the credibility of her messages. Céline also uses personal anecdotes and inspiring stories to illustrate her points of view.

Inspiration: Be inspired by Céline's engagement and her mastery of storytelling through her anecdotes. She has succeeded in creating a unique writing style that adapts LinkedIn codes to her own voice, without always showing her face.

Example of a post by Céline Mas

6. Nina Ramen

Nina Ramen

Strategy: Although she is less active than other LinkedIn influencers in her category, Nina Ramen shines with her authenticity and committed tone. Known as the queen of copywriting, she shares inspiring posts aimed at helping women assert themselves and dare more!

Inspiration: Be inspired by the quality of her posts, their length, and the tone Nina uses to engage her audience.

Example of a post by Nina Ramen

7. Pauline Laigneau

Pauline Laigneau

Strategy: Founder of Gemmyo and creator of the podcast "Le Gratin", Pauline Laigneau shares advice on entrepreneurship, personal development, and professional success. Her articles are filled with practical advice and inspiring stories from her own entrepreneurial journey. Pauline engages her audience with questions and discussions around the daily challenges of entrepreneurs.

Inspiration: Pauline shows us how to leverage information from her professional daily life to create a rich and engaging story for all.

Example of a post by Pauline Laigneau

8. Alexandre Mars

Alexandre Mars

Strategy: Entrepreneur and philanthropist, Alexandre Mars publishes inspiring articles on social entrepreneurship, impact, and innovation. He shares his own experiences and initiatives to show how businesses can have a positive impact. Alexandre uses videos and testimonials to illustrate his points, making his posts dynamic and engaging.

Inspiration: Be inspired by the social proof Alexandre Mars offers, his communication strategy around his professional activity, and above all, his engagement and how he highlights it in his posts.

Example of a post by Alexandre Mars

9. Benoît Dubos

Benoît Dubos

Strategy: Well-known in the startup ecosystem, this LinkedIn influencer posts almost daily on the social network. He represents the success of profiles specializing in growth strategies and primarily shares advice with his followers to boost their entrepreneurial activities. A profile to follow for his good copywriting practices and impactful catchphrases.

Inspiration: Be inspired by Benoît's overall posts, who has managed to create a unique design in the LinkedIn universe and can provide a lot of inspiration for the most creative.

Example of a post by Benoît Dubos

10. Thomas Wagner

Thomas Wagner

Strategy: Thomas Wagner, founder of Bon Pote, primarily offers inspirational and informative content on ecological topics. His stances are highly followed and allow engaging discussions with his community members.

Inspiration: The way an influencer can embody their subjects and bring them to the public. His writing demonstrates his commitment with every punctuation!

Example of a post by Thomas Wagner

11. Matthieu Stefani

Matthieu Stefani

Strategy: Entrepreneur and host of the podcast "Génération Do It Yourself", Matthieu Stefani shares inspiring interviews and practical advice on entrepreneurship and innovation. His posts are often summaries of the best lessons from his interviews, accompanied by personal reflections. Matthieu engages his audience with calls to action and discussions around the challenges of entrepreneurship.

Inspiration: Observe his clever storytelling choices to present his activity and podcast while providing key information.

Example of a post by Matthieu Stefani

12. Arthur Auboeuf

Arthur Auboeuf

Strategy: Arthur Auboeuf proves that to succeed on social media and engage your community, you must be passionate. And, above all, you must be able to share your passion in the most authentic way possible. As co-founder of Time for the Planet, his posts primarily focus on ecological themes, as well as "green" entrepreneurship. Although he posts relatively infrequently, his content is always high-quality and generates a lot of comments!

Inspiration: His ability to engage his audience with his content without being a slave to the posting frequency dictated by the LinkedIn algorithm.

Example of a post by Arthur Auboeuf

13. Tonton Freddy

Tonton Freddy

Strategy: A restaurant that has its own LinkedIn account? Yes, it's possible, and it's managed by Tonton Freddy, one of the two founders of “Tontons Afro”, an African food restaurant located in Lille (France). With an innovative concept, the two brothers offer a menu rich in flavors, served by eccentric waiters in a colorful decor!

Inspiration: The unique and original touch, the character, the tone—Tonton is a goldmine of inspiration when creating a unique persona.

Example of a post by Tonton Freddy

14. Romain Gaubert

Romain Gaubert

Strategy: By speaking out as a plumber on LinkedIn, Romain Gaubert aims to revalorize manual trades, often overlooked. For this influencer, the networks are accessible to all, as long as one puts in the effort! With posts full of humor and a particularly touching tone, Romain shares his daily life and inspires generations about entrepreneurship.

Inspiration: Even the least glamorous jobs and missions in the world can become interesting and engaging.

Example of a post by Romain Gaubert

15. Maud Caillaux

Maud Caillaux

Strategy: A young French entrepreneur, Maud Caillaux talks about finance and ecology on her account, but also a lot about her company Green Got. Talented for her young age, she co-founded the neo bank Green-Got in 2019, earning her a spot on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

Inspiration: She shows us how it's possible to create "classic institutional" content and still generate engagement around it!

Example of a post by Maud Caillaux


Becoming a great influencer on LinkedIn doesn't happen overnight. It requires consistency, creativity, and a deep understanding of what your audience is looking for. By drawing inspiration from the strategies used by these French influencers, you can develop your own unique and effective approach. Don't hesitate to follow these leaders, analyze their techniques, and adapt them to your own style and expertise. By cultivating your own voice and sharing authentic and relevant content, you can build an engaged audience and become an influential voice on LinkedIn yourself.

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