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Customer Voices

Explore what our clients in sales, HR, and influencers have to say about their experience with our product



Director (Australie)

I am blown away by how good this is. I've used products that cost hundreds of dollars per month that don’t have these features. I love the pipeline/CRM for keeping track of LinkedIn leads. Also the messaging interface is so much better than LinkedIn, with ability to filter by people who messaged you last. Also the email enrichment is top notch, we've been buying credits and enriching profiles to get email address with a very high accuracy rate (50-70%).

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CEO (Spain)

Very good lead generation service. Much better than Waalaxy, I am very happy with the switch.

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Matteo Creative Director (Italy)

Faster, Easier and Stress Free Pipeline. Overall experience so far has been amazing. More clients lined up, more fun into using the product and in general a more efficient workflow. I used plenty of different CRM tools for my LinkedIn workflow but none of them ticked with me...then I landed on Kanbox and my whole experience changed drastically. This is hands down THE best tool for lead management and I can't recommend this enough. Since its integration in our worflow, I can easily get in touch with 10-30 people a day, without stressing myself over keeping a constant eye to different CRM platforms

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How does Kanbox work ?

Step 1

Find and import leads from LinkedIn

Import leads effortlessly from LinkedIn and obtain cleaned data. Refilter and segment your lead lists with our Lead Manager. Find professional and verified emails.

Step 2

Automate your Linkedin Lead Gen

Program the automatic triggering of profile visits, connection requests, message sending, and follow-ups effortlessly. Personalize your messages with templates and variables. Conduct A/B testing, measure, and improve. Track your campaigns in real-time with automated CRM Pipelines, automatically moving your leads from column to column.

Step 3

Manage and Nurture your network for new opportunities

Organize your network with filters and labels with Kanbox Smart Inbox. Execute bulk actions seamlessly, including messages, connection requests, and more. A full-screen chat with instant member information, note-taking, and quick actions.

Smart Inbox

Is Kanbox made for me?

You are a

Sale or Marketer

Empowering both sales and marketing teams to scale lead generation and promotional efforts for business growth.

You are a


Optimizes search, streamlines communication, and strengthens rapport between recruiters and candidates, thus simplifying the entire recruitment process with recruitment pipelines.

You are an


Optimizes network management and communication efficiency. By precisely targeting engaged individuals and event participants, Kanbox enhances conversion rates.

You are a

Founders / CEO

Segment, organize, and expand your network effectively. Never miss a message again and increase your responsiveness to seize every opportunity.

Does Kanbox fit into my lead gen practices?

Kanbox easily adapts to various prospecting approaches, whether you seek to automate tasks or grow your network authentically.

Targeted, precise, and personalized prospecting

Discover the power of precise and authentic prospecting with Kanbox.

For those who prefer a personalized approach without relying on automation, Kanbox simplifies prospect management, facilitates communication, and enhances your organization for increased responsiveness and engagement with your network.

Powerful and Automated Lead gen

Automate your prospecting tasks to increase your efficiency and productivity.

Kanbox allows you to focus on the essentials by eliminating repetitive tasks and approaching your prospects in a simple, secure, and personalized manner. With intelligent network management, you gain clarity at every stage of your prospecting process.

Why our clients have chosen us?


Comprehensive tool

With Kanbox, you can gather data from LinkedIn and Sales Navigator, manage your prospects, run automated lead gen campaigns, and handle your inbox all from a single place.



With Kanbox, you control your costs by avoiding the accumulation of additional tools and subscriptions, making it a very cost-effective solution.


Great UX

Kanbox offers a user-friendly experience with its simple and intuitive interface, ensuring smooth navigation and effortless utilization for all users.

Does Kanbox align with my professional needs?

Kanbox caters to three professional demands, each with its own subscription plan.

Network managing

Professionals seeking efficient management of their inbox and LinkedIn network.

ConnectFrom 15€/month+ See details

Data scraping

Professionals looking to export data from LinkedIn and Sales Navigator with precise and efficient leads management.

ScrapeFrom 40€/month+ See details

Both + Automations

Professionals seeking to automate their lead generation processes, alongside inbox management and data scraping.

FusionFrom 50€/month+ See details

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